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Aspiring DevOps Engineer

Have you ever thought about what is a container? Why companies discuss Docker & K8S? Well, there is a lot of benefit to learning and using this stuff in the IT world especially when you are building a robust solution.

Anyways this blog explains to you the idea of using containers for most of the applications.

Back in the days, there is no practice of advanced architectural principles and disciplines. People just build any application using monolithic architecture. Almost all the established enterprises built their legacy applications using this monolithic architecture.

Basically in a monolithic architecture, all the components are…

Yes, men cry but not when they lose in an argument or lose materialistic things.

Let me tell you few circumstances in my life where I shattered down into tears.


GSOD (Google Season of Docs) a newly open-source competition started by google in 2020. Somehow I figured out about the event and joined an open-source organization called CHAOSS. I worked more than a month consistently and fixed many issues and participated actively in the meetings with the community.

Finally, I submitted the proposal for GSOD even before the deadline and stood out from the competitors. Finally, the day had arrived…

Any file can be transferred from one directory to another directory within the server using the cp command.

But transferring the files from one workstation to another workstation can be achieved by using either SCP or SFTP commands.

Both SCP and SFTP are responsible for transferring files from one server to another server and both SCP and SFTP uses SSH (Secure Shell) protocol to secure the data while transferring. However, the functionality and internal working are different. SFTP comes with few advantages compared to SCP.

SCP is purely built for transferring files between servers. Whereas SFTP can also list the…

Have you ever wonder about the chmod command?

Well, everyone knows it is used for changing the permissions of the file. But why does this command named chmod instead of chper or chperm?

The answer is simple, permissions are also called modes in Linux. As the chmod command changes the permissions or modes of files. So they named it chmod.

Anyways, the naming is not the fascinating point here, but the logic behind this command is.

We all use chmod 777 knowingly or unknowingly in our daily life to change the permissions. …

Hola! This blog contains few concepts that I learn while reading a book. Maybe it can help you too. Go ahead and take a look!

Any file can be edited using a text editor in Linux. However, the prominent text editors that widely use are Vim, Nano, and other graphical text editors like gedit, emacs etc.

Anyways the usage of graphical text editors is impossible when you are working in servers. So the only option is to go with either nano or vim.

Vim is used commonly and widely in all servers. …

If you are aspiring to bang positions related to cloud or DevOps or Cybersecurity you should definitely master Linux commands. There are plenty of resources on the Internet for learning Linux but the most useful and practical resource for mastering Linux commands is

Bandit is less of a course and more of a game

Basically, Bandit is one of the war game proposed by overthewire organization. The game consists of 31 levels, one should start from level 0 and each level requires a password to upgrade to another level. Each level contains the level goal, commands that may need to solve the level and helpful reading materials. …

EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) is a compute service provided by AWS. But this is not the only compute service provided by AWS and also EC2 service is not suitable for all the use cases.

To meet the various use cases, AWS provides various computing services.

AWS Lambda:

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service. The users don’t need to worry about the underlying architecture or operating system. The term “serverless” means that your code runs on servers, but you do not need to provision or manage these servers.

While using AWS Lambda, you pay only for the compute time that you…

Before deep-diving into SNS and SQS concepts, applications can be built in two types.

Monolithic Application:

The components in any application need to communicate with each other to achieve a result. The components like a web server and database need to communicate with each other to achieve the result.

But, whereas in monolithic applications, all the components in the system are tightly coupled and any failure of the single component fails in a complete application.

Monolithic application architecture

To make an application more reliable, available and efficient the monolithic application infrastructure can be implemented in a micro-services architecture.

Microservices Applications:

As the components…

To make a system more reliable and more efficient an auto-scaling policy should be implemented. By implementing an auto-scaling policy there is no need for manual intervention of scaling up and scaling down instances in a system.

In general, scaling can be of two types:

  1. Vertical Scaling

Vertical Scaling is about adding more power to an instance in terms of CPU or memory or storage on demand. In vertical scaling, you can scale up or scale down the power of an instance.

vertically scaling an instance means, you can make instances bigger or smaller whenever you need to

2. Horizontal…

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a service provided by AWS for computation. When selecting an instance choose an instance that best supports the application requirements in terms of memory, storage and compute.

The EC2 instance is divided into 5 types:

  1. General Purpose Instances:

General Purpose Instances is used for running an application where the requirements like compute, memory, storage and networking are equivalent. These types of instances are used for web servers, back-end applications and small and medium databases.

2. Compute Optimized Instances:

Compute Optimized Instances are used for compute-bound applications. Compute-optimized applications are ideal for high-performance web servers, compute-intensive…


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